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Tom´n´John´s Duo
Tom'n'John's Duo - it’s a pianist and guitarist who play and sing famous hits of pop music from seventies to nineties, and in several languages: in English - (for example, Del Shannon, James Brown, Cat Stevens, Lionel Richie, Elton John, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Sting, E. Iglesias, R. Williams, etc.), Italian (A. Celentano, Toto Cutugno, E. Ramazzotti, etc.), French (Joe Dassin, Gilbert Bécaud, Khaled etc.) or Spanish (Los Lobos, Juanes, Luis Miguel). They repertoire also includes Russian chanson and pop music.

We can offer a fair live performance, unlike most of the bar or ball music duos that are falsely presented as "live music", but actually using cheap keyboards with “plastic” sound, from which recorded playbacks are being played. Tom'n'John's Duo emphasizes the rich sound of live piano and guitar. Therefore, musicians play high quality and expensive musical instruments. Even though that they must use electric instruments (due to mobility and connectivity to different sound systems), they are trying to reach the most "acoustic" sound. Tomasz the pianist plays on stage-piano YAMAHA S90ES. It’s one of the best simulations of acoustic grand piano, on which such stars as Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys and others use to plays in his concerts. Guitarist John plays electro-acoustic guitars Godin, Epiphone and Variax with nylon and steel strings, and uses a BOSS preamp and effects to achieve a rich and natural guitar sound.

Tom'n'John's Duo performs regularly few times a week in the best and most luxurious bars and restaurants in the Prague city center. They are also often engaged as a full-evening music program or just a musical diversification of social events and banquets for foreign and VIP clientele in 5-stars hotels in Prague and Karlovy Vary.