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Tomson Solo Piano
"Tomson Solo Piano" - that is the pseudonym of singer and pianist Tomasz Szydlowski. Tomasz was born in the former Soviet Union in the family of the Polish musician and choirmaster, his musical education was acquired already in independent Ukraine. He graduated from the S. Vorobkevich Conservatory as a classical pianist. His future musical career however he dedicates to a modern popular music. After a few years of living and performing in Hungary in the Russian pop folk band, Tomasz moves to Prague in year 1999, where he lives and acts until now.

In the offered project "Tomson Solo Piano" musician presents itself in the role of singing pianist. His repertoire includes well-known pop songs from seventies to nineties, in several languages. In English he sings songs from famous composers such as Lionel Richie, Elton John, Eric Clapton, Billy Joel, Phil Collins, Sting, E. Iglesias, R. Williams, etc. There are very popular Italian songs in Thomsonís playlist from those authors: A. Celentano, Toto Cutugno, Al Bano, Druppi, E. Ramazzotti, and others. And of course there is a wide selection of Russian chanson and pop music.

Tomson likes to play on acoustic pianos, but only where it is a good quality and well-tuned instrument, preferably grand piano. Nevertheless, he owns a great instrument, an electric stage-piano Yamaha S90ES, which is one of the best simulation of acoustic grand piano. To make his performance more expressive and rhythmic, there is in some compositions used accompanying percussion sequencer or programmed backing-track with rhythm section instruments (drums, bass guitar, percussion). Performer also has its own small sound system (speakers, mixer and microphones).

Tomson Solo Piano & Vocal - Live Video (Prague)